Special Events

Special events can be arranged to meet a variety of needs.

A very small event (5-10 people) could be held in either the Crew's Mess or the Wardroom of USS Razorback, either during the week, or even on the weekends outside of normal hours. This is the perfect venue for a special birthday party or similar event.

A larger event (10-15 people) could be held in the Education Center or on the Mary Munns, our museum barge.

Larger events can be held on the Savannah Lou, the barge holding our snack bar and souvenir shop.

Finally, the entire museum complex, including the Savannah Lou, the Mary Munns, and USS Razorback can be reserved for functions, such as dinner parties, corporate conferences, or similar events. Our rates are $100 per hour, with a four hour minimum.

Dog tags can be made for your special event as well. Please see the attached Adobe PDF document for the format.

For more information contact the AIMM staff at .

Special Event fees do not include state, county or city sales taxes.