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To commemorate America's rich naval and maritime heritage through the preservation and exhibition of historic naval vessels with an emphasis on the era of World War II through the present.

USS Hoga assists USS Yorktown (CV-5) during her arrival at Pearl Harbor following the Battle of Coral Sea.
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Photo Caption: "27 May 1942 - USS Yorktown (CV 5) arrives at Pearl Harbor after the Battle of Coral Sea, 27 May 1942, with her crew paraded in whites on the flight deck. After repairs, she departed on 30 May to take part in the Battle of Midway.
The tug Hoga (YT 146) is in the center foreground. The mainmast of the sunken USS Arizona (BB 39) is visible in the distance, just right of Yorktown's stern."

Editor's Note - USS Yorktown would be sunk during the Battle of Midway.

(US Naval Historical Center Photgraph 80-G-21931)

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Photo Caption: "08 June 1942 - USS Fulton (AS 11) docks at Pearl Harbor on 8 June 1942 with USS Yorktown (CV 5) survivors on board, after the Battle of Midway.
Among the tugs assisting Fulton are Hoga (YT 146) and Nokomis (YT 142)."

(US Naval Historical Center Photgraph 80-G-312058)