Scrapbook of LCDR Ken Brown - 1966 - 1968

LCDR Ken Brown was Commanding Officer of USS Razorback from March 1966 until May 1968.

His personal scrapbook consists of 56 pages containing a total of 228 photographs, telegrams, newspaper clippings, letters and other documents related to his time aboard Razorback. Some of these photographs show the routine of Navy life - promotions, re-enlistments, awards, arrivals in port, etc. Others show a more candid look at life aboard a submarine during the Cold War - Bingo Nights, New Years Eve celebrations at sea, birthdays celebrated far from family, and even dealing with anti-Vietnam War protests during a port visit to Canada.

Finally, a large group of photos and other documents are related to Razorback's rescue of two airmen from a Navy S-2 Tracker ASW aircraft that crashed during an exercise. The aftermath of the rescue, including the emotional arrival back in port and the awards the resulted from the rescue are detailed.

Some highlights of this scrapbook are:

Many of these photographs are on display in the museum, and all items have been scanned and are available in electronic format for review by researchers upon request.