Scrapbook of LCDR Ken Brown - Events and Ceremonies

The crew of any submarine is constantly changing as new sailors arrive, long-time crewmembers depart, inexperienced sailors become qualified, sailors are promoted to new ranks, and so on.

These photographs document many different events aboard USS Razorback:

Caption - Roland Cave accepts Warrant Officer (W-1) appointment on 1 April 1966. LCDR Brown is administering the oath of office to Warrant Officer Cave

Photo caption: "Roland Cave accepts Warrant Officer (W-1) appointment on 1 April 1966"

Caption - Promotions - A group shot showing LCDR Brown (in Dress Khaki uniform with coat, tie and service dress hat) with seven petty officers in dress blue uniforms. They are standing on the after deck of USS Razorback. The American Flag on the stern can be seen in the background (to the far left). Three sailors have been promoted from E-3 to E-4 (Petty Officer Third Class); Three Third Class Petty Officers have been promoted from E-4 to E-5 (Petty Officer Second Class) and a Petty Officer Second class has been promoted from E-5 to E-6 (Petty Officer First Class).

Photo caption: "Promotions"

Caption - Personnel Inspection - The crew of USS Razorback assembled on deck, near the forward torpedo room hatch LCDR Brown is in front with six officers in line behind him. Ten Chief Petty Officers are behind the officers. There are 42 enlisted men assembled behind them. Officers and Chiefs are wearing the Service Dress Khaki uniform while the enlisted men are wearing the Dress Blue Uniform. It appears the photograph was taken from the sail with a telephoto lens, as everyone is looking up at the camera.

Photo caption: "Personnel Inspection"

Caption - Promotions and Good Conduct Medals - LCDR Brown, in Service Dress Khaki stands with five enlisted sailors (dress in Service Dress Blue) and a Chief Petty Officer (in Service Dress Khaki). They are standing on Razorback's deck, just aft of the sail.

Photo caption: "Promotions and Good Conduct Medals"

Caption - Letter of Appreciation Presented to Seaman Lyle - LCDR Brown in Service Dress Khaki shaking the hand of SN Lyle, who is in Service Dress Blue. They are standing on the deck of USS Razorback, just aft of the sail. Two rows of enlisted sailors are in the background, one to the port side and the other to starboard, leaving the centerline clear. The After Engine Room hatch and the After Torpedo room hatch are open and are clearly visible in the background, as is the American flag flying at the stern.

Photo caption: "Letter of Appreciation Presented to Seaman Lyle"

Many of these photographs are on display in the museum, and all items have been scanned and are available in electronic format for review by researchers upon request.