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Scrapbook of LCDR Ken Brown - 1966 - 1968 - Re-Enlistments and Awards

Caption: Chief Logan Re-Enlists - LCDR Brown administering the re-enlistment oath to Chief Logan in the Wardroom. Both men have their right hands raised. Both men are wearing Service Dress Blue uniforms with coat and tie, but are not wearing hats since they are inside the submarine.

Photo Caption: "Chief Logan Re-Enlists"

Caption: TM1 (SS) Welch Re-Enlists - LCDR Brown administering the re-enlistment oath to TM1(SS) Welch. Both men have thier right hands raised. LCDR Brown is wearing the service khaki uniform and TM1(SS) Welch is wearing dungarees. Petty Offier Welch has a thick beard and mustache.

Photo Caption: "TM1 (SS) Welch Re-Enlists"

Caption: SN Lyle Receives Dolphins - LCDR Brown pinning the submarine dolphin qualification pin on the uniform of SN Lyle. An officer and a Chief Petty Officer are in the background, while a number of enlisted sailors stand behind SN Lyle. The group is on Razorback's after deck, directly behind the sail, which can be clearly seen in the background. LCDR Brown is wearing Service Dress Blue. SN Lyle is wearing dungarees with either a knit watch cap or a ball cap. One enlisted man in the background is wearing the Service Dress Blue uniform, both most others are wearing dungarees. Shoreside cranes can be seen in the distant background.

Photo Caption: "SN Lyle Receives Dolphins"

Caption - TN Alcala Receives Good Conduct Medal - LCDR Brown shakes the hand of TN Alcala who is holding a certificate in his left hand. This picture was taken very shortly after #043. TN Alcala is wearing dungarees with the standard white dixie cup. One enlisted sailor is wearing a jacket with the official ship's patch featuring a hand holding thunderbolts.

Photo Caption: "TN Alcala Receives Good Conduct Medal"

Caption - More Dolphins - EN3 Pittman and SN Davis - LCDR Brown poses with EN3 Pittman and SN Davis against the front of the sail. The open sail hatch is visible to their left. LCDR Brown is shaking hands with EN Pittman. both EN3 Pittman and SN Davis are holding their qualification certificates. LCDR Brown is in the Service Khaki unform. EN3 Pittman is wearing Service Dress Whites while SN Pittman is wearing the Service White uniform.

Photo Caption: "More Dolphins - EN3 Pittman and SN Davis"

Awarding of dolphins

Awarding of dolphins

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More awards and dolphins