AIMM Mission

To commemorate America's rich naval and maritime heritage through the preservation and exhibition of historic naval vessels with an emphasis on the era of World War II through the present.

Scrapbook of LCDR Ken Brown - Port Visits - Subic Bay, Philippines

For many years, the U.S. Navy had a major base at Subic Bay in the Philippines.

RADM Gilkeson (COMNAVBASE SUBIC) and woman in civilian clothes crossing a small gangplank onto the forward deck of USS Razorback. The forward emergency buoy, forward torpedo room hatch and access to the forward escape trunk are visible in the background. RADM Gilkeson is saluting LCDR Brown. RADM Gilkeson is in the Service White Uniform. LCDR Brown is in Service Khaki. Razorback's officers and a Chief Petty Officer are lined up on the starboard side of the deck in the background. The bows of four other submarines are visible in the background.

RADM Gilkeson shakes the hand of a Chief Petty Officer. The sail is visible in the background, as is the dock to Razorback's port side. Also visible in the picture are two women (one Mrs. Gilkeson) in civilian clothing and hairdos typical of late 1960's fashion.

LCDR Brown hands a small souvenir to Mrs. Gilkeson. An enlisted sailor in the Working White uniform with utility belt (probably standing Quarterdeck watch with sidearm) is visible in the background, standing against the sail.

LCDR Brown sitting at the Wardroom table with RADM Gilkeson.