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Scrapbook of LCDR Ken Brown - Port Visits - Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is an island nation in the Far East. A British colony (and majore British military base) for many years, it gained independence from the British Empire in 1963. Vessels from both the Royal Navy and the U.S. Navy regularly visit.

2005-7-1_(065) (53K)

Aerial photograph of Razorback's arrival in Singapore

2005-7-1_(066) (54K)

2005-7-1_(067) (48K)

Razorback tied up alongside the British Depot Ship HMS Forth (A-187), Also alongside are the British submarine HMS Oberon (S-09) and USS Spinax (SS-489).

2005-7-1_(068) (65K)

LCDR Brown talking with British naval officers, probably during a visit to HMS Forth (A-187)

2005-7-1_(070) (32K)

2005-7-1_(077) (29K)

2005-7-1_(078) (29K)

2005-7-1_(081) (29K)

2005-7-1_(082) (28K)

2005-7-1_(083) (23K)

2005-7-1_(084) (25K)

2005-7-1_(085) (32K)

2005-7-1_(086) (21K)

British vistors touring Razorback

Touring a submarine in a dress and high heels is not easy...

2005-7-1_(071) (28K)

2005-7-1_(072) (32K)

2005-7-1_(076) (28K)

2005-7-1_(080) (27K)

British visitors ejoying a meal aboard Razorback

In addition to these photographs, the collection includes the following items which are not shown, but are digitized and available to researchers upon request:

Photograph of CAPT Martin, DSC, RN, Commander, 7th Submarine Squadron

Personal correspondence from various Royal Navy official to LCDR Brown