AIMM Mission

To commemorate America's rich naval and maritime heritage through the preservation and exhibition of historic naval vessels with an emphasis on the era of World War II through the present.

Scrapbook of LCDR Ken Brown - Port Visits - Singapore - Razorback Crew

While in Singapore, the crew took the opportunity to have formal photographs taken of the entire crew.

2005-7-1_(089) (23K)

LCDR Ken Brown and Razorback's other officers

2005-7-1_(090) (23K)

YN - Yeomen

2005-7-1_(091) (21K)

EM - Electrician's Mates

2005-7-1_(092) (18K)

EM - Electrician's Mates

2005-7-1_(093) (21K)

MM - Machinist Mates

2005-7-1_(094) (24K)

CS - Culinary Specialists (Then known as MS - Mess Mangement Specialists)

2005-7-1_(095) (22K)

EN - Enginemen

2005-7-1_(096) (23K)

TM - Torpedomen

2005-7-1_(097) (22K)

ST - Sonar Technicians

2005-7-1_(098) (21K)

ET - Electronics Technicians

2005-7-1_(099) (21K)

FC - Firecontrolmen

2005-7-1_(100) (23K)

RM - Radiomen

2005-7-1_(101) (20K)

IC - Interior Communications Electrician

2005-7-1_(102) (23K)

2005-7-1_(103) (22K)

QM - Quartermasters

2005-7-1_(104) (23K)

Seaman Gang - Left to Right: SN(SS) Wiley, SN(SS) Lyle, SA Alex, QM2 Roberson, FN Owen, FN Dupuy, SA Holtman, FA McNulty
Identities provided by Herschel Holtman

2005-7-1_(105) (18K)

EN - Enginemen