AIMM Mission

To commemorate America's rich naval and maritime heritage through the preservation and exhibition of historic naval vessels with an emphasis on the era of World War II through the present.

Scrapbook of LCDR Ken Brown - Port Visits - Japan

During her deployment to the western Pacific, Razorback stopped in Sasebo, Japan, home of a major American naval base. As you can see from the pictures, Razorback was just as popular back then as she is today...

2005-7-1_(120) (11K)

Visitors line up for a tour...

2005-7-1_(119) (20K)

A young visitor prepares to board Razorback for a tour...

2005-7-1_(126) (18K)

Entering the Forward Torpedo Room

2005-7-1_(127) (21K)

"Are we sure this tour was good idea?"

2005-7-1_(121) (17K)

Trying to see everything at once...

2005-7-1_(114) (12K)2005-7-1_(115) (15K)

2005-7-1_(122) (12K)2005-7-1_(130) (17K)

Members of the JMSDF (Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force) tour Razorback. The winter dress uniforms were very similar to the uniforms worn in the U.S. Navy at the time.

2005-7-1_(125c) (17K)2005-7-1_(125d) (15K)

2005-7-1_(125f) (15K)


2005-7-1_(125e) (20K)

Vistors. LORAN was an early electronic navigation system and a pre-cursor to today's GPS. LORAN stood for Long Range Navigation.

2005-7-1_(116) (18K)

Young ladies in the after torpedo room prepare to exit.

2005-7-1_(117) (19K)2005-7-1_(118) (17K)

Vistors in the Control Room, port side near the diving plane controls. Note that the deep-water depth gauge is covered to prevent disclosure of Razorback's capabilities.