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Photographs Related to USS Razorback - 1959-1961 - Jim Franks

Jim Franks served aboard USS Razorback from 1959 to 1961 as an Electrician's Mate Third Class. After qualifying aboard Razorback, he went on to serve aboard five other submarines, all nuclear powered. These photographs show good views of Razorback's "step sail", as well as the uniforms in use during the period.

Starbord side view of Razorback's step-sail. The side access hatch is open.
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This photograph shows the starboard side of Razorback's "step-sail".

A view of Razorback's step-sail taken from the forward deck, almost amidships, looking dead aft.
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A view of Razorback's "step-sail" from the forward deck.

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A good view of the after end of the "step-sail", showing the complex curves and paint job.

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