Beacon of Peace and Hope

The Beacon of Peace and Hope will shine each night over our community from the banks of the Arkansas River.

This beautiful 36-foot tall sculpture contains lights that will cast two beams in the night skies - Peace and Hope.

On some enchanted nights, when the atmosphere is just right, the beams will appear to merge...Thus bringing together, over our community, Peace and Hope for all.

For your children, your grandchildren and all future generations, help us light this symbol marking our commitment to Peace and Hope.

The Beacon of Peace and Hope is sponsored by the Women's Action for New Directions (WAND).

To support the Beacon of Peace and Hope, you can submit a tax-deductable donation to WAND or AIMM. AIMM can be reached by phone at .

DSC_5033 (23K)

The Beacon of Peace and Hope by Day...

DSC_5159 (16K)

...and by Night